• Working In Sharjah


Sponsorship and Employment

 It is illegal to work in the UAE unless you are on a valid employment visa. Your employer must go through the process of obtaining you this visa; you cannot apply for the visa yourself. If you do not have a valid employment visa and you are working in the UAE, you are considered illegal and you run the risk of being imprisoned, fined or deported.

Once your employer has obtained an employment visa for you, you will be able to sponsor your spouse and children so they can live with you in the UAE.

 Sharjah Residence Visa

 A residence visa is necessary for opening a bank account, registering a car, applying for a PO box and obtaining a driving license. There are many requirements that must be followed when applying for a residency visa, so make sure that you fill out all paperwork carefully and pay attention to the details.

When it comes to Residence Visas from the Sharjah Immigration Department, there are several different sections. Employees of private companies will be issued with a residence visa with two year validity, while the residency of government employees and their partners is valid for three years.

There are a number of documents required for new residence in Sharjah, including your original passport and copy, the original entry permit, a copy of your company’s establishment card, a copy of your company’s trade license, a medical examination at a government hospital, and a residency application signed and stamped by your sponsor.

 I Am an Employee

An employment visa is required when you obtain a job in the United Arab Emirates. The visa will allow you to be a resident in the UAE for a two-year period and can be renewed. It is sometimes possible to arrive in the UAE on a visit visa and then convert this to an employment or residence visa once you have fulfilled certain conditions, but this depends on your nationality. For further information on visas please check here.

I Am an Employer

 When you hire an employee who is not a UAE national or a GCC citizen you will need to obtain an employment visa for them to legally live and work in Sharjah. This is a legal requirement and without the right documentation for your employees, you will find yourself in trouble.

This also applies if you are a homeowner employing a maid to work for you, although there is a separate visa category for maids and nannies. 

Before the employee leaves their home country for Sharjah, they must send written consent of the job (normally in the form of a signed offer letter and contract), a copy of their passport as well as a certain number of recent colour passport photos. An initial work permit will be issued, valid for 60 days, during which time an employment residence visa will need to be processed. If you are late in applying for this visa for your employees, a fee of AED 25/day will be levied.

 Emirates ID

The Emirates Identity Authority has created the Emirates Identity Card, which is mandatory for all UAE citizens and legal residents. The ID card is an easy method of identification and it is necessary to access all governmental and non-governmental e-services. Also, the card can be used as an alternative to a passport for UAE and GCC citizens when commuting between GCC member states.

Family Sponsorship

A foreigner working and residing in the UAE can sponsor their spouse and children as long as their monthly salary meets the minimum requirement. Several documents need to be submitted including the marriage certificate, birth certificates of the children, a salary certificate from the employer and passport copies.

Newborn Baby Sponsorship

 If your baby is born in Sharjah you will need to apply for a residence visa within 120 days of the birth. If you have not applied within this time your child will not be allowed to leave the UAE and you will incur fines of AED 100/day.

To apply you will need the baby’s original passport, application form, a copy of the birth certificate, three passport sized photos, a copy of your employment contract mentioning your salary, an original and a copy of your marriage certificate and a copy of both parents’ passports. These documents are to be submitted at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. Once the residence visa has been approved and created, it will be delivered to you via courier.

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