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Sharjah offers the widest possible array of food experiences available. Ranging from street shawarma to haute cuisine, and from five-star hotels to rustic Bedouin cafes, Sharjah has everything for every budget and craving.

Taste of Sharjah

Arabian Gulf Cuisine

Sharjah is famous for its Arabic cuisine. Traditional dishes like Machbous (a meat and rice specialty seasoned with spices, tomatoes, onions and dried lemon), Khouzi (roasted lamb stuffed with nuts and spices), Harees (a mixture of lamb and wheat), and Al-Threed (bread, meat and gravy dish), are delicacies that must be tried.

Great Restaurants


Sharjah is also very popular for its Restaurants. Whatever your budget, you are in for a treat! From Pakistani curries, to Indian thali, Sharjah offers gastronomic diversity to satisfy visitors from all corners of the world. Shawarma, one of the region’s specialties, is available in most cafeterias and restaurants – it’s inexpensive, handy and delicious. Falafel is another great option for a quick bite, perfectly combined with fresh juice to make a complete meal at any time of the day.

If you want to explore the true colors and aromas of Sharjah’s food scene, Sharjah’s souks are the best place to start. Events and festivals are celebrated throughout the year and each features food corners showcasing traditional dishes and drinks.

For more on Sharjah dining visit our restaurant page.

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