• Health & Safety


Health and safety are important issues for everyone.

Hospitals & Pharmacies

The standard of medical care is generally regarded as good and visitors can easily obtain medical treatment from either the privately run hospitals or from the government hospitals. Hospitals accept payment in cash and or various credit cards, as well as selected insurance plans. Sharjah has plenty of well stocked pharmacies and there is always one open 24 hours. Contact numbers are listed in the daily newspapers.

Medical Emergency

During a real emergency, a hospital will accept you without a referral for treatment, but after initial treatment, may transfer you to a hospital better equipped to deal with your problem

Crime & Safety

Crimes against tourists are next to zero in Sharjah, and visitors should enjoy feeling safe and unthreatened. A healthy degree of caution should still be exercised, however, and most hotels offer safes to keep your valuables locked away in. To avoid a great deal of hassle make sure you keep one photocopy of your personal documents with friends or family back home and one copy in your hotel safe. Sharjah Police will advise you in the event of a loss or theft. If you lose your passport, your next stop should be your embassy or consulate. If you lose something in a taxi, call the relevant taxi company. Extra caution should be taken on the roads, whether navigating the streets on foot or in a vehicle. Use designated pedestrian crossings and make sure that all cars are going to stop before you cross. There is zero tolerance, UAE wide, towards drink driving, even after one drink, and if you’re caught you can expect a fine and a spell in prison. With plenty of low-cost taxis around, there’s no excuse or need.

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