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Education in Sharjah


Sharjah offers a number of excellent education opportunities for all age groups, from preschool to university age, as well as professional career training. School in Sharjah pride themselves on offering high quality tuition to students.
As an expat living in Sharjah, you will find a variety of curriculums on offer; the education system offers a choice between the British, American, German and French curriculums. The Department of Private Education at the Sharjah Educational Directorate, a government body under the FederalMinistry of Education, supervises schools in Sharjah.

The school year in Sharjah is divided into three terms. A typical school day will last from 8 am to almost 3 pm, Sunday to Thursday. School days are shorter during the holy month of Ramadan.


Register Your Child

The process of registering your child in a school in Sharjah will depend on the school that you apply to. In some cases, priority will be given to your child if you work for one of the sponsoring companies of the school. Usually schools will start admissions for the academic year in the previous January and most schools have waiting lists. 
Collect the appropriate application form from the school or download it from their website. Note that applying doesn’t guarantee your child’s placement within that school; you need to wait until you receive confirmation of acceptance from the school. Your child will likely be assessed and a fee will be levied for this testing as well as for the registration process with the Ministry of Education. The fee must be paid whether your child is offered a place at the school or not.

Nurseries & Pre-Schools

As a parent, you want to make sure that your child gets the best start in life, so finding the right nursery and pre-school is essential. There are several nurseries and pre-schools in Sharjah where your young ones will receive premiere pre-school education to prepare them for primary school.

Primary Education

Choosing a school is an important, personal and potentially difficult decision that is made a little easier with the array of choices for primary education available in Sharjah. Several of these schools enjoy a reputation for providing quality education across various curriculums and safe learning environments for young children..

Secondary Education

Several reputable options for secondary education in Sharjah are on offer, with a range of curriculums and languages represented. The schools are supported by the many museums, cultural centres and art institutes that Sharjah has to offer, enriching the education of the students.

Tertiary Education


Sharjah is an ideal place for a student to pursue their university education and there is an abundance of selection when it comes to programs and institutions. Students come from all over the UAE and the Gulf Region to study here.

University City is an education district that contains eight higher education institutions, including the American University of SharjahHigher Colleges of TechnologySharjah Institute of Technology, Sharjah Police Academy, Skyline UniversityUniversity Hospital of SharjahUniversity Dental Hospital of Sharjah and the University of Sharjah. Each university has its own selection of restaurants, banks, shops, sports facilities and student accommodation. 


Special Needs Education

If your child needs a little extra support and care, there are schools in Sharjah for special needs education. Professionals who have experience working with special needs children staff these schools and their programs are designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of learning styles and disabilities.

Professional Training

Several opportunities for professional training are offered in Sharjah, including workshops, seminars and career-oriented courses. Whether you are working in business, the trades, customer service or any other industry, you will be able to find a course that will expand on your skills and help you to further your career.

Learning Arabic

Living in Sharjah is an ideal chance to learn Arabic and having an understanding of this language will be beneficial to you both professionally and in your daily life. There are various options available for learning Arabic in Sharjah, the most popular being the courses run by the Sharjah Centre for Cultural Communication.

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